• Paw Your Company A Brand

    Paw Your Company A Brand

    Brand your business so that it targets your audience and builds a brand name that becomes easily recognized and remembered! At CWD we step out of the box on branding your business with innovational creative solutions that stand out above the rest!

  • www.Paw-My-Brand.com


    Get noticed digitally on the internet through Interactive Marketing! We specialize in building your brand through online channels such as SEO Marketing, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Retargeting Advertising, and Digital Applications for mobile devices.

  • Paw Your Presence!

    Paw Your Presence!

    From clean and corporate to downright gettin’ jiggy with it! We’ll create a look and feel of your brand that gets you noticed, targets your audience, and keeps them coming back for more!

  • Take Your Paws Off-Line

    Take Your Paws Off-Line

    If you’re gonna go traditional, make sure your Paw Prints help to build your brand. At CWD we don’t totally eliminate “old school” marketing. We make your Online Paws and your Off-line Paws cohesively work together to make your brand even stronger!

  • Innovational & Creative

    Innovational & Creative

    Business Branding + Interactive Marketing + Social Marketing + SEO Marketing + Traditional Marketing + Website Design + Creative Designing + Marketing Collaterals + Creative Print Design + Digital Publications

Innovational & Creative Business Solutions

You’ve started a business … or perhaps you already own a small or mid-sized business. You need marketing and branding so on-target even Cupid would be impressed! At Catwalk Designs, we stretch our Paws out primarily to small businesses and startups where we work hard to help them with innovational, on-target marketing and branding for their businesses. We work closely with you, creating a unique brand that is precise for the mission of your company and developing a clear picture of what it is your company does, be it offering a service or selling a product. Our goal is to establish a brand of your business that is memorable and innovative, as well as one that will grow with your business and become a well-known, recognizable brand for years to come.


Let Your Paws Do The Talkin’

Every business, whether a large corporation, small or mid-sized enterprise, requires marketing and branding in order for it to be a successful in any given marketplace! Even more importantly, every company must aggressively create a brand for the vision and mission of their businesses, as well as position their brands with precise targeting for their company’s audience. At Catwalk Designs, we strive to create a strong, innovational brand for your business that will make your company’s Paw Prints stand out above the rest! Our goal is to make your paws a brand that visually and creatively grabs the attention of your target audience and keeps them coming back for more of what your company offers. We want to help you grow your business by giving you only the best, high-quality marketing and branding services we can offer… and we try to make it all at price that’s affordable for you and your company’s budget!

Start pawing around!


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