The Story Behind Our Paw Prints

Catwalk Designs is a marketing and branding organization that primarily focuses on the growth of small to medium businesses and start up companies. Owner and founder, Sharon Francis, based CWD’s mission on her own personal experiences of being an entrepreneur with a start-up fashion design business. With many years of corporate experience in the marketing and branding industry, Sharon was well aware of the need to have on-target marketing and branding for her business in order for it stand out in an already dominating industry of competition. With the marketing, branding, and graphic designing skills already under her belt, she was confident she would be able to launch her own company without having the extra burden of trying to obtain a large marketing budget! After the realization that starting a business comes with many obstacles in the territory, Sharon wanted to extend her skills in the marketing, branding and creative segment to others who also carry that entrepreneurial spirit and are moving forward with a dream that has been planted in their hearts … all at a budget that their businesses can afford. Hence, the startup of Catwalk Designs (the marketing company) became a reality in 2005! With a company name inspired by a combination of her passion for designing fashion and her love of beautiful big cats, CATWALK DESIGNS has now become a “brand” that extends marketing, branding and creative services primarily to small, mid-sized and startup businesses! From one small business to another, we would like to extend a great, big Paw out to you … CWD welcomes you!


Our Paw MissionCWD Mission Statement

Catwalk Designs is a creative marketing and branding company that primarily specializes in helping small, medium and start up companies grow their businesses through our services. We offer our clients high quality marketing, branding and creative design services in a diverse range of pricing that will fit their current business budgets. Our goal is to help our clients’ businesses grow into a well-known brand, be it services they render or products they offer. CWD offers a range economical pricing for our services that each individual company can continue to elevate into as their business budgets get larger. We strive to make long-term business-to-business relationships with our clients, in hopes that their successes will also be CWD’s success.


Our Paw Values

At CWD we value our clients, contractors and employees. CWD is a not just a place where businesses do business… Our goal is to keep a warm, friendly and inviting online experience where the businesses we service can feel as though they are in a relaxed, informative and learning environment that increases their knowledge about marketing and branding. We want to humor our B2B’s, as well as inspire them in the world of entrepreneurship where things can get a bit hectic! We strive to provide a peaceful and productive work environment, whether it be online services or face to face communication. We work hard only to do our very best for each of our clients, and to also provide the highest quality of customer service we can possibly achieve when working with them.


Integrity is The Foundation of Our Paws

We consider Catwalk Designs a business-to-business modeled organization and we understand that excellent companies only do business with other excellent companies. We believe in honesty, dignity, fairness and respect when working with our clients, contractors and employees and we expect the same in return. We will only treat and do business with others in the way we would want to be treated in return. We will only work with the highest ethics in doing business because we sincerely believe lasting and long-term relationships are built on trust and honest business ethics. We base how we conduct business on Christian values and we believe in doing what is right in any given situation, attaining only honest and fair practices … even when no one else is looking.


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