Author’s Book Becomes An Apparel Brand!

When Author, Vito Lopez, contacted CWD about transitioning the story behind his book into an urban apparel wear brand… well, quite frankly, we had to take a moment to twist our whiskers and chew on the idea for a bit. But it didn’t take too many whisker pulls before we jumped in with all four paws and took on the challenge! At CWD, we don’t back away from innovational ideas! In fact, we welcome them, because that’s who we are… and that’s just what we do!

CWD welcomes and congratulates Vito Lopez, Author of One Heart, One Love, 7th Try and founder of the Life Unlimited Urban Apparel clothing line. To learn more about Life Unlimited and the story behind the brand, watch the book trailer and visit the Life Unlimited Facebook Page!

Got a challenging and innovative idea? Let OUR PAWS connect with YOUR PAWS and bring your ideas and dreams to reality through innovational branding!

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