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Loyalty Paws Credit LineLoyalty Paws Credit Line

When you do recurring business with CWD, your Paws get our attention! We want to keep servicing your company for all your marketing, branding and creative design needs on a consistent basis. As a part of our CWD Customer Loyalty Program, you will be rewarded a CWD Line of Credit so that you can be sure that your marketing and branding remains consistent and never interrupted! We understand that running a business can be a financial burden at times and we want to help make and keep your business successful, even in those times when it can be a bit rough.

Under our Customer Loyalty Program, CWD’s Loyalty Paws Credit Line can help you overcome when you need it most. You’ll receive a credit line that you can bill your marketing and branding services to and make payments on a monthly basis. We’ve taken time to answer some questions about the program, but for more detailed information, paw on over to the Loyalty Paws Credit Line Terms and Conditions.

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The Paw FAQs For LPCL

How do I obtain a line of credit from CWD?

After you have been purchasing paid services from CWD for approximately 6 months to a year, you can ask to be considered for a Loyalty Paws Credit Line. We will only consider companies that have been loyal to the services we provide and have done an immense amount of business with us during that time frame. Complimentary or free services will not be considered under the Customer Loyalty Program. You will not be considered if you’ve only ordered one or two Paw-by-Paw Services. Under the Loyalty Paws Credit Line, any Paw Retainer monthly fees are not eligible to be charged to your Loyalty Paws Credit Line, and must be paid according to the terms of that Paw Retainer Agreement. The Paw-by-Paw Website Management also cannot be charged, or any other Paw-by-Paw Service that has terms and conditions for already set monthly fees.


If I am a new customer, do I immediately qualify for the Loyalty Paws Credit Line?

Unfortunately, no. This is only because Paw Credit is based on your loyalty to the CWD services, how much paid business you’ve done with us and how strong the Paw-to-Paw business relationship is. It is not given to you based on your credit score; it’s given to you based on a business-to-business relationship you build with CWD. After approximately 6 to 12 months of purchasing CWD’s services, you will be considered for a Loyalty Paws Credit Line. Complimentary or free services will not be considered under the Customer Loyalty Program.


How much credit do I qualify for?

This will be determined by the amount of paid services you’ve purchased from CWD in the past 6 months to a year, and the business-to-business relationship. Complimentary or free services will not be considered under the Customer Loyalty Program, and you must have purchased services from CWD on an obvious and consistent basis. You do not qualify for credit if you’ve only purchased a couple of services from CWD. The amount of credit that will be extended to you is primarily based on your purchase amount history. If you have a consistent pattern of purchasing lower-cost services from CWD, then you will be extended a credit line that matches lower-cost purchasing patterns. If you purchase more higher-cost services, then accordingly, a higher credit limit will be considered when extending you credit.


Can I use my Loyalty Paws Credit Line to pay for any Paw-by-Paw or Paw Retainer Services?

You may use your LPCL to pay for Paw-by-Paw Services, but the Paw Retainer Packages do not qualify for credit extensions as they have their own monthly agreement and payment terms. For this reason, the Leopard Paws, Tiger Paws, Cheetah Paws and Lion Paws Retainer fees and charges cannot be paid using your credit line. The Paw-by-Paw Website Management also cannot be charged, or any other Paw-by-Paw Service that has terms and conditions for already set monthly fees.


When can I qualify for a credit increase?

Once you have been consistently paying on time for six months to one year, we will consider giving you a credit limit increase. However, your increase will still be based on your purchasing amount history. You will not be extended a higher credit limit if your purchasing pattern demonstrates you most frequently purchase lower-cost services from CWD. You may not be extended a higher credit limit if it is not necessary based your purchasing history, whether it be for lower-cost or higher-cost services. We will consider how often and how much you have spent in the past 6 to 12 months before granting or denying a credit limit increase.


How much are my monthly payments?

With each initial purchase of every service (per order), you must pay down 25% of your total cart order, and the remaining balance with be charged to your open LPCL account. Your monthly payments are calculated based on 25% of your LPCL balance. Each month we will invoice you for your payment. You can make the minimum monthly payment, pay more than the minimum payment, or pay your entire balance. As long as your payment is made on time, it’s totally up to you!


HOW Do I Charge Services To My LPCL Account?

When you are ready to place an order, BEFORE you finalize and “check out” your paw shopping cart, you’ll need to contact CWD so that we can verify your credit limit available balance and get an approval to go ahead and charge your services. If you have a good payment history and loyal business-to-business relationship with CWD, then your charges will be credited to your account minus the initial 25% down payment. You must be pay the initial down payment of 25% of your total purchases before we will grant the balance to be credited to your LPCL account. Once we have verified your account as stated above, we will give you a “paw coupon code” that you can use during your checkout to charge the balance (after the 25% down payment) to your LPCL account. This code can only be used one time so be sure your cart is complete with the services you want. If you checkout and discover you need to add another service, then you will have to contact CWD again, get approval and pay another 25% down payment on the new service.


What are the fees, interest rates or penalties for obtaining and using CWD’s Loyalty Paws Credit Line?

There is no annual interest rate, but we do charge an additional $10.00 per month that’s added on to your monthly payment to cover merchant charges. We strongly encourage you to make your monthly payments on time, as the penalties are not light. We will discuss with you the best time to do your billing and invoice you on that date at which that time your payment is due. We will allow a three (3) day grace period, but after that grace, your payment is considered late. We will add an additional $5.00 late fee onto your next month’s payment. If you are consistently late, CWD reserves the right to temporarily suspend your Loyalty Paws Credit Line and you will not be able to charge any more services onto your account until your balance is paid in full. Once your balance has been paid, and if all monthly payments from that balance have been consistently paid on time, CWD will consider re-opening your Loyalty Paws Credit Line. If your monthly payment is not paid on time every month after suspension until your balance is paid in full, your Loyalty Paws Credit Line will be cancelled and you will no longer qualify for the Loyalty Paws Credit Line, nor any other offers in CWD’s Customer Loyalty Program.

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