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Brand Your Business Paw by Paw

Unlike corporate america, small and mid-sized businesses rarely have a large budget that cater to their marketing and branding needs. At CWD, our goal is to work with each small to medium business or startup within their current budget to give their companies on-target marketing and branding. We strive to give the highest quality of services we can offer while working within your business budget! At CWD, you’re not just another paw print on our digital walls! We work independently and closely with you to learn what it is you intend for your business to do and what direction you intend for it to go, so that we can target those who are a fit for your products or services. We seek out what makes your paw prints unique and then create a brand of your company that positions well with your audience so that you begin to build customer loyalty and gain profits within your organization. We work hard to grow your company into a well-known brand that will be sought after and remembered for years to come!


Customize to Fit Your Paw Budget

From startups to small and medium companies, we offer affordable creative and marketing services that allows you to pace your services based on what your company’s budget can tolerate at any given time. We have single, pick-and-choose services and individual retainer packages that you can choose from depending on what you feel your company needs at the moment and at what pace you want to brand and market your company. The CWD marketing and branding paw system was created with small, medium and startups in mind, so that you start as little or as large as you would like. You can always elevate into a larger package at any time!

At CWD, we work individually with each company to brand, re-brand and market their business with on-target audience precision, making sure each dollar amount counts. We’ve created an innovative marketing process that grows as your business grows, but one that also allows you to get top quality marketing and branding that’s affordable for your company’s current budget.


How Our Paw System Can Work For You

Our Paw Packages are customized so that you can pick and choose exactly what’s needed for your business in order to get a specific marketing or branding goal completed. Our Paw-By-Paw à la carte allows you to choose from a variety of marketing, branding and design services that assists with the marketing goal you are aiming for at a specific time your company needs it (i.e. logo branding, website design, marketing brochure, etc).

The Paw Retainers consist of multiple services that you can retain for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or on an annual basis. Please review each package to see specific services provided and the limitations of each.

Many small businesses or startups  begin their initiative step into our Paw-by-Paw services and graduate into the Paw Retainers as their company grows and more structural and consistent marketing is needed. However, we recommend you start with a Paw Retainer to jump start your marketing and branding as this is a more aggressive way to get your business noticed and get more leads or potential customers for your business. During a consultation of your business, a CWD marketing representative will discuss with you the best possible solution to help your business grow.

Paw around to learn more about how OUR PAWS and can make YOUR PAWS successful! Leave your Paw Prints and visit the Paw-By-Paw à la carte services, the Leopard Paws Retainer Package, the Tiger Paws Retainer Package, the Cheetah Paws Retainer Package, and the Lion Paws Retainer Package!


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