What kinds of services does CWD provide?

We provide professional marketing services along with innovative ways to build your business idea into a well-known brand. We also provide customized, graphic designing and creative services that will visually get your brand noticed and have a strong presence that stands out above your competition. We use innovational marketing, branding and creative techniques to get your company recognized by your target customer(s) and work toward creating and building your brand so that it becomes recognized and memorable for years to come.

Why should I hire a professional marketing and branding organization for my business?

No matter how big or small, ALL businesses need some type of marketing in order to grow and earn more revenue. The more others know about who you are, what you do, and if what you do is right for them, the more your company will profit! Your brand cannot get the traffic you want without marketing it to your target customer(s). Marketing is far more extensive than what most people out of the profession know. If marketing, branding and graphic designing is not what you do, then you should hire a company that specializes in that area so that you can concentrate more on the operational sector of your business.

I know how to do my own website. Why do I need to hire a professional to do it for me?

A website is a primary key to the image and presentation of your business. A successful website builds a strong image of your company’s brand and is a widely-used communication channel for your business that can reach people worldwide. Keep that in mind when you think about doing your own website. If you don’t understand the ins and outs of positioning your brand to a particular target audience, leave it to the professionals! When people visit your website, they automatically perceive who and what your company is about. A misinterpreted perception can become a harsh reality! First impressions are lasting impressions. You may be one of the very best at what you do in your industry, but if your website’s presentation looks “cheesy” and unprofessional, then it will be hard to convince potential customers to trust your services or the products you offer. Make sure your website is aesthetically professional to the audience you are targeting; that the navigation is effective and can take your audience through your entire website easily; and that you keep your audience’s interest by incorporating well-written and sticky content!

Now that I have a website, is this all I need to do to make my business successful?

Not quite. A website without marketing to the right target is nothing more than “a website”. Your website should be one that drives traffic to your business, keeps customers coming back for more of what you offer, and be used as a main online attraction for your business. It also plays a major part in your branding and can kick-off cohesive, open doors for creating other branding and marketing tools such as online social channels, printed materials, tradeshow presentations and so much more! A website is an investment as well as a very valuable asset to the success and growth of your company. If the marketing is done effectively and efficiently, then you are sure to reap in the rewards of your investment!

What exactly is marketing and branding?

Basically, in a nutshell, the idea behind branding your company is to gain customer loyalty. Branding identifies your company as one that is distinctive from others in the same industry. Your brand is built on multiple observations such as your company name, the logo, the colors and shapes you use, the written words you use and how you say them, the content you present in your marketing, the customer service you offer, your company’s mission and values and so much more! In order for you to position your business (your brand) in a particular marketplace and build brand awareness around your company, you have to effectively push (or market) your brand to the right target audience and offer something that makes you stand out from your competition. We work with each of our clients to help them learn what makes their company valuable enough to become a “brand” and present that value to the precise, on-target audience through a variety of marketing segmentations like social marketing, seo marketing and advertising, online and offline promotions and much more!

Will my company be recognized as a brand right away?

Not necessarily. Your company will gain immediate recognition from those who may have already been doing business with you on a small scale. However, on a larger scale, it will take time to grow your brand into a wider audience. Bluntly speaking, brands are built entirely on consistency. In order to get your brand recognized, you must continually promote it to your target audience. Trust is built on consistency, and most people won’t do business with you if they feel you are a “fly by night” company or organization! The more you are visible and consistent with your brand’s look and feel, the service and products you offer, your customer service and all the other bells and whistles within the territory, the stronger your brand becomes and begins to be one that people remember when they are looking for a particular service or product. How fast your company is branded depends on how aggressive you are with your marketing. You can go at a slow and steady pace, or you can jump in with all four paws and aggressively push your brand to your audience! Even after your company becomes one that has been successfully branded, your consistency is imperative to maintaining and keeping your brand amongst those that people continue to seek for the services or products you offer.

I know how to create graphics. Do I still need a professional graphics designer to do my creative design work?

Yes… and No. There’s a whole lot more to graphic designing and logo designing than pulling and placing images on your marketing and branding collaterals. Professional designing requires experience in knowing what images are to be used, along with the correct fonts and placements. If you’ve had the proper training and experience of designing graphics and you understand the technology and difference behind file types and the extensions of graphics; where and when to use them; and you understand rules of composition and what makes a great layout, then NO, you do not need a professional graphics designer. However, if you’ve only used basic designing techniques, then absolutely YES, you need a professional designer to help you get the correctly branded look and feel of your website and any other marketing channels or collaterals you are working with. At CWD, we only work with graphics that are professionally created and will fit the branded look and feel of your company. We do not use low-resolution, pixelated graphics or non-cohesive graphics that will make CWD and your company as well, look amateurish and unprofessional. We will not work with any business owner on marketing and branding who wants to use creative graphics that does not look professional on layouts, websites, online or offline advertisements, or any marketing collaterals. If you believe you are able to do your own creative designing, then the services of CWD are not for you. We are not just a company who does graphic designing; we develop innovative and creative graphics that will grow and fit well into a branded image of your company.

If I am not interested in CWD’s branding and marketing services, can I still order the graphic designing services?

Well, of course you can! We only have a couple of paw rules that goes with creating your custom graphics, and that is we will not give you marketing and branding direction unless you obtain those services as well. We also will not design or layout any online or offline, printed materials with the custom graphics you asked us to create unless you add it into your paw a la carte services. And lastly, logos ARE NOT considered a custom graphic as we base the CWD reputation on developing a logo that professionally fits your brand and targeted audience. We will not do anything less! If you want a professional logo developed, please add that to your paw cart and we will contact you to discuss your business and start developing a more branded, professional logo that your company can easily grow into. This process is not only in the best interest of your company’s image and reputation, but it is also based on how CWD maintains the branding and good reputation of our organization. If you want to take charge of all the marketing and branding for your business, we recommend the LEOPARD PAWS RETAINER PACKAGE.


What are the Paw Retainers and how can they help me with marketing and branding my company?

CWD’s Paw Retainer Packages consist of a bundle of services you can conveniently order under a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 12 month contract. There are four Retainer Packages to choose from so that you can move as slowly or as quickly as you want with your marketing, branding and creative needs. The retainers are priced so that you get more for your dollar than if you were just ordering services Paw-by-Paw. The primary rule is that you must keep the package for the amount of time you signed up and agreed to or you will be temporarily penalized of all CWD services. To read more about the rules and regs behind our Paw Retainers, read the Policies and Procedures behind all of our services.

Does CWD provide marketing and branding consultations for my company and any business meetings?

Yes, we do! However, consultations are not offered in the Leopard Paws Retainer Package or in a Paw-by-Paw service. If you have chosen a retainer that offers consultations, the hours of consulting is based on the hours of limitations within that package. Third-party meetings or business-to-business consultations are only offered in the Lion Paws Retainer Package and ARE NOT offered in any Paw-by-Paw Service. It is important and required that we be well familiar with your company before we consult any marketing and branding direction to other executives of your company, any investor meetings you have scheduled or with any banks or financial institutions on your behalf. In other words, we need to talk to you and plan with you the marketing and branding direction of your company and the target audience of your company; we need to understand what your company does and who your company intends to serve. Business-to-business consultation hours are limited to the agreed amount of time you initially paid for and any consulting hours over the limits will require additional charges that need to be paid upfront before any extra consulting is administered.

Can I request special services not offered in your Paw-by-Paw or Paw Retainers?

You certainly can! Just contact us or submit a REQUEST FOR SERVICES form and we will have a full consultation with you about what it is you’re seeking and how we can help you. We will also discuss costs initiated with the services you are requesting.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how can it help my business?

Just as a map helps you find your destination, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps people find your website. CWD can improve your rankings with search engines by linking the most popular industry-specific search engine keywords and tags throughout your site. SEO increases your online visibility by reducing the number of clicks it takes to find you, which leads to increased sales. With every website we develop and/or design, we do SEO at a minimum level so that your website shows up in organic (non-paid) rankings in the Search Engine Response Pages (SERP) of top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! For more extensive SEO Marketing that includes SEO Advertising and Retargeting, add this service to your Paw-by-Paw services or choose one of our Paw Retainers that comes with this service.

How does CWD determine how well my brand is reaching my target audience?

Just like any other marketing organization, we measure your brand’s performance via metrics or analytics. The greatest asset about interactive and online marketing, is that it can be easily tracked for results as to how well your website, social channels and online advertising is being received by your targeted audience. Metrics such as Facebook’s Insights and Google’s Analytics amongst others can help to see where your targets are and how close they are to becoming one of your customers. Constantly watching or monitoring consumers that visit your online activity directs marketers as how to continue pushing your brand, optimize or make changes where necessary, zoom in even closer to your target audience, and when and where to retarget them until they finally become your customer. Once they become your customer, our goal at CWD is to make sure they become “loyal” customers of your brand and not only follow you and what your company offers for years to come, but to also tell others about your business. The ultimate goal of CWD for each of our customers is to grow their companies into well-known and sought after brands. But in order to do this, it takes a collaboration of both parties (our Paws and your Paws) consistently working together and communicating with each other.

What if I am dissatisfied with my services from CWD, or I feel that the branding direction is not right for my company?

We work under nothing less than the highest respect and integrity with our customers and what’s best for their companies. However, just like any other business, there are moments we will encounter a customer that we simply cannot satisfy! We will work with you and give you the best creative, marketing and branding advice that pertains to your company, your brand positioning and the marketing direction we believe will make your company successful within enough reasonable amount of time. We want our customers to trust us enough to be comfortable with the value of the services we offer them and be confident in our professional advice and experience and know that we are giving them up and above what they are paying for. We are more than willing to listen to your opinions, advice, and the facts about your business, because without it, we simply cannot properly research and develop precise targeting of your product or service. However, sometimes we encounter customers who dibble and dabble so much with what they may think is best for their companies and it begins to clash with the marketing, branding and creative direction of their company … and also the professional image of CWD. Because of the fact of what CWD does for other businesses and the high visibility of our work, in order to protect the professional image of CWD, we will discuss, advise and carefully explain to you why the direction you are headed may or may not work for your company or may even hurt the image or identity of your company. When we are working with the marketing, branding and creative direction of your business, and you begin to feel you are at a point where our services are not for you; or you believe you know how to market, brand and do your own creative designing for your company; or you begin “mis-directing” the services we have in place for you, then we will arrange to officially cease all business transactions between CWD with you and your company and any other affiliations. At that point, if you are in the middle of a Paw Retainer that is still under the monthly term agreement, the remainder of your term will immediately dissolve and any hours that have not been completed within the current month will be respectfully fulfilled with the proper services offered under that particular Paw Retainer. We will not renew Paw Retainers with you or your company and affiliations in the future, nor will we accept any future Paw-by-Paw orders from you. Our goal is to help and assist as many businesses as we can, but certainly not at the cost of hurting the CWD brand name and professional reputation of our own company. Before a final decision is made on whether or not to cease business with any customer, careful consideration and/or credibility is given and only under excruciating or rare circumstances will we move forward in not continuing to do business with them. We seek what’s only in the best interest of your company and ours, building a strong business-to-business relationship. We respect you and your company for the hard work and all you set out to accomplish, along with the business services or products you offer, and all we ask is that you respect CWD the same in return.

Does CWD do marketing and branding for larger businesses or corporations?

Yes, we do! Our experience is built on corporate branding and we are more than willing to work with larger companies to help with their marketing and branding needs. We will work with your Marketing or Corporate Communications Department, your Chief Marketing Officer and marketing staff, or be your complete virtual marketing department to pull together any marketing, branding or sales campaigns and large marketing projects. We do not offer corporate services under our Paw-by-Paw or our Paw Retainers, but we can discuss your corporate marketing and work with you to get your projects and campaigns completed. To learn more about CWD’s mid-large and corporate businesses marketing services, Read More About Our Online Marketing Department.

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