Leopard Paws Retainer Package

Some small businesses and mid-sized companies have been in business long enough to know their target customers well, but they just don’t carry the expert graphics designing and writing skills to visually present their products or services. If you just happen to be one these DIY marketing and branding guru’s who has enough training to develop your own compositional layout templates but not enough technical experience to create great looking and functional graphics, then CWD’s Leopard Paws Creative Designing & Writing Package is the retainer for you! We’ll do some basic, creative graphics and write limited content for you to place on your website templates, advertisement templates, or your printed marketing collateral templates. This package does not cover any graphics for social channels, nor does it cover any written content or postings for social channels. If you are interested in CWD’s Social Channels Management, please purchase this service in our Paw-by-Paw à la carte Services.


The Paw Rules Behind Our Leopard Paws

We’ll do basic graphics and some written content for you, while you do your own placements of the graphics and writings in your own creative layout templates and marketing collateral templates. Under this package, CWD will not be responsible for assisting or directing you in your layouts, website designing, or social channel postings or branding. We will assist you in the correct verbiage to use in written content, but under the Leopard Paws Retainer, this is kept to a minimum. We will write short paragraphs for brochures and marketing collaterals, write creative headlines, and write short paragraphs for websites on a per page basis. This package DOES NOT include social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+’s postings, writings or graphics. When creating basic graphics or written content, we will only design what you ask us to following your specific instructions… remember, this is a DIY package and this is your own marketing and branding without the assistance of CWD. We will create what you ask and simply deliver it to you via download or email. We will ask you for dimensions when we need to create any basic graphics, the type of file you need, and whether it needs to be low-res or high-res. We will consult with you what you need to be written, but will not direct you on the marketing and branding. It is important and in fact, REQUIRED that you first create a template of your layout so that you know the exact dimensions of your file before we create your graphics or do any written content. Revisions are very limited and we can better assist you if you have your layout template available. Please note that Logo Designing IS NOT a part of this package. If you wish to have a professional logo created, please either choose another Paw Package that contains logo designing or choose this service in our Paw-by-Paw à la carte Services. Here’s what you’ll receive under our Leopard Paws Creative Designing Package:

  • Photo preparations for high-resolution, low-resolution, CMYK, RGB
  • Graphics in Fontography or Typography designing
  • Website-Prepped Graphics
  • Press-Printing Graphics
  • Creative Form Buttons
  • Creative Call-to-Action Buttons/Graphics
  • Web Page Written Content (per page only)
  • Brochure Basic Graphics for your template
  • Brochure Written Content for your template (limited)
  • Post Card Basic Graphics for your template
  • Post Card Written Content for your template (limited)
  • Flyer Basic Graphics for your template
  • Flyer Written Content for your template
  • Logos and Large Graphics NOT INCLUDED

Under the Leopard Paws Retainer, you may retain our Creative Design Services for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. You are limited for to up to 12 hours of requested work per month with additional hours at $45 per hour.

There are no consultations offered under this package.

CREATIVE DESIGNING & Creative writing

A Do-It-Yourself marketing and branding package!  Let CWD design your graphics and write creative content for your self-designed layout templates for website designs, advertisements and print designs. Retain services for 3 mths, 6 mths, 9 mths or 12 mths. READ MORE ABOUT CWD’s LEOPARD PAWS RETAINER PACKAGE!

Leopard Paws contains 12 hours a month of services. If you go over the monthly hours, there is a $45.00 per hour charge. If you use less than your monthly allowed hours, they will roll over into your next month of service within your retainer. If you do not use all of your hours when your retainer has expired, then your remaining hours will be forfeited.

Retainer Term: Before your Checkout, be sure to tell us in the comment box how long you wish to retain this Paw Service. Note that once you retain a 30, 60, 90 or 12 month term, it cannot be broken without being penalized. For more information, read CWD's Policies & Procedures.

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