Let YOUR PAWS Do The Talkin’ … at Just The Right Timing!

March 18, 2014

When it comes to marketing your products or services, that old tick-tock hangin’ on your wall plays an imperative role in making sure you meet your target’s needs. Plan the content you present to your target at just the right time they need it, and you’ll turn consumers into your leads!

Smart and timely marketing is key to growing your business.  Here’s just a few ways you can use YOUR PAWS to get your audiences’ attention:

Let Your Paws Take Advantage of the Holiday Seasons!  Hold on, Tiger… we don’t mean lazing in the sun drinking a cold iced tea! Holidays are the best times you can take advantage of getting the attention of your audience. If you’re selling a product, send your targets an email newsletter or place an ad offering a great sale for that particular holiday… cuz’ people just L-O-V-E it when they can get things on sale! In case your paw intuition haven’t kicked in yet, most shop online for holiday and seasonal specials to see how much they can save on that special “sumthin-sumthin” they’ve been waiting to purchase. If you don’t jump in on all four’s with the competition, you’ll miss out on possibly making a few sales!

Don’t Kill Your Audience By Beating Your Paws on Top of Their Heads! For service providers, your content’s timing and what and how you say it, plays a key role in getting your target’s attention! Unlike product-offering companies, service providers will only annoy their targets if they push what they do too frequently at them. Make it a habit to post engaging content on your website’s blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Don’t always offer “advice” in your social content… cuz’ believe it or not, Tiger, people don’t like you constantly telling them what they already know! Talk to your audience without pushing your service every single time they visit your socials and you’ll begin to gain their respect. In most services offered by businesses, the “service” is not something people need every day and they don’t call until they need you! If you stay in touch with them using content that doesn’t beat them over the head over-and-over-again-and-again… they’ll continue visiting your blog, Facebook and other social channels and they will REMEMBER you at the time they most need you and what you have to offer them! Get creative with your content according to what’s fitting for your audience. When they want to go deeper into what you do, make sure your website is informative and they can easily contact you when the services you offer are needed.

Let Your Paws Stay In Tune With What’s Going On Around Them!  Make sure you acknowledge to your audience that you are aware of what’s happening and you are concerned and sympathize with others in tragic or devastating situations. Letting go of the “me, me, me… and oh, yes, what about me” attitude makes your paws attractive to your audience! During times that there may be a national disaster, it’s a good time to post engaging content that let’s your audience also express their concerns on your paw channels. You can post content that gives back by offering a percentage of a sale going towards the recovery of a disaster or for a cause. Everybody Luvs a GREAT BIG PAW HEART and servicers can dip their paws in by offering to help where they can (if appropriate), or even better, they can volunteer their services. Keeping yourself informed of things outside of your industry gives your paws great opportunity to get recognized in places you may never have known you had customers!

Content Marketing is essential to growing your business. Let YOUR PAWS Make Contact, with The Right Content, at Just The Right Time!

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