Lion Paws Retainer Package

CREATIVE DESIGNING, Branding, Interactive and

Traditional Marketing

Build your brand and make your paws rule online and offline with the Lion Paws Retainer Package! You’ll get all the interactive goodies in the Cheetah Paws Retainer Package, plus the added extras of all traditional offline marketing and branding. Retain services for 3 mths, 6 mths, 9 mths or 12 mths. READ MORE ABOUT CWD’s LION PAWS RETAINER PACKAGE!

Lion Paws contains 12 hours a month of services. If you go over the monthly hours, there is a $25.00 per hour charge. If you use less than your monthly allowed hours, they will roll over into your next month of service within your retainer. If you do not use all of your hours when your retainer has expired, then your remaining hours will be forfeited.

Retainer Term: Before your Checkout, be sure to tell us in the comment box how long you wish to retain this Paw Service. Note that once you retain a 30, 60, 90 or 12 month term, it cannot be broken without being penalized. For more information, read CWD's Policies & Procedures.

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