Get Your Paws Social With Patience…

June 25, 2014

When it comes to Social Marketing and all the different channels in the world of interactive craziness, if your paws aren’t in the mix, then you’re more than likely missing out on some pretty pawsome leads that lend a helping hand in growing your business. But let’s face it…. social channels are outright time consuming and it takes awhile to really see (let alone measure) the big R.O.I.!  Although this may be true for most companies, from startups to large corporations, those who have success in the world of social media will agree… at the end of the dayit is well worth your troubles! Spending time in social media for whatever you intend to use them for, be it building awareness, promoting a new product or service, or generating leads, takes “social patience” and is never a waste of your time as long as you jump in with a great strategy for each channel you choose to use.

Here’s a little bit of paw encouragement when you feel you’re “wasting your paw time” on your company blog or engaging on channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:  It all pays off in the end… But you gotta persevere with consistency and patience! Take a look at this video recently posted by Inc. on how patience can help get your paws noticed socially!


If you don’t have the time to put into marketing your business socially, don’t just eliminate this valuable medium from your marketing plan. Let OUR PAWS help YOUR PAWS get socially connected! Contact Us for specials on Social Marketing Packages that fit your paw budget!

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