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How Using Twitter Can Keep Your Paws Informed!

June 1, 2014

If you’re only using your paws to socialize your audience on Twitter, Let Your Twitter Paws Do The Walkin’ and dig a bit deeper and use it to also help keep your business up-to-date on the latest and greatest happenings within your industry. In the social world, Twitter appears to be taking the lead over Facebook and other socials when it comes to networking! Quite frankly, Twitter can rock the ##@# out of ya’ paws socially, but the “Follows and Followers” over Facebook’s “Likes and Shares” creates one of the hottest ways to stay up to date in your business industry from some of the best industry leaders in the world! And we ain’t just fluffin’ your paw furs!

LinkedIn is a great place for business to business opportunities as well; but again, Twitter takes the lead with their new layout and profile that connects others in like industries together via its FOLLOW ME AND I’LL FOLLOW YOU algorithms.  Followers-of-Followers have the ability to learn more about their industries by getting tips, updates, economic reviews, etc. either from Tweeting it from their own perspectives or Re-Tweeting from another well known, reliable source. Paying attention to your fella followers will help you to sphere-head your brand and optimize your marketing according to the changes that may or may not affect your business. In addition, Tweeters are giving out valuable trade secrets that can also help grow your brand into one that is in the leading. The audience is friendly and very eager to let others know what they already know!

Now we know that socializing those paws can get a bit tedious at times, but spending just a few minutes a day can prove to be valuable if you just happen to fly across a Tweeter that can help you and your business. Twitter is also one of the best places for sourcing in your industry… even if you’re looking for a bit of baby-paw startup capital! From venture capitalists to experts who’ve “been-there and-done-that”, Twitter carries a wide range of diversity that is valuable to any business and in any industry! Work closely with your Marketing Specialist to keep them informed of any information you happen to see that may enhance your branding and keep your marketing moving in the right direction.

Whenever you’re socializing around the digital world, use Twitter (and any of your other social channels) to their fullest potential! Along with great industry networking, Twitter also offers a place where others may be seeking your services or products. Make sure that your Twitter Profile  is informative and the look and feel is fitting to your company’s image and brand so that potential Followers can clearly see what products or services you offer. Run a Twitter Ad Campaign every now and again for those who may be seeking your services or products… and STAY ACTIVE Following others as well. You never who’s watching… and you just never know what direction they can lead your business into.

Sign up to the CWD What’s Catwalking Blog to stay informed of more ways you can capitalize on using Social Marketing. We’ll talk about Facebook in our next week posting and the updated Facebook Page profiles and how you can tap your paws in on all the new, good stuff happening there as well! From OUR PAWS to YOUR PAWS… We’ll see you on TWITTER!

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